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Responsive Design

It has become common knowledge that every day the number of mobile devices used to view your site grows.

Responsive design gives your site the power to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices from a mobile phone to a desktop computer monitor.

So how does it work? With the use of media queries different CSS style rules are loaded depending on characteristics of the device your site is been viewed with, most commonly the width of your browser. With each set of rules your site will be styled to best display on the matching device.

At Pueblo Web Design we have embraced this new trend in website design and implemented responsive design to all our new releases resolving any problems associated with how your site will display on smaller resolution screens, you can download Responsive WordPress Themes from the YeahTheme CMS platform. To view how your site will respond to each screen resolution simply resize your browser window, as you reduce the width of your browser the template will react accordingly, altering its layout and style to best accommodate the site content within the available viewing area.

Alongside its responsive design, Pueblo Web Design sites include a large number of options  allowing you to control  what content is displayed on smaller mobile devices.

Mobile Websites

Why We're The Experts


Every website I create is customized to match the look, style, and brand of your company. No two sites I create will every look same because no two companies I work for are the same.


My contract states that YOU own the content in your website. Be careful as you research web design companies. This isn't always the case.


Website navigation and menus are features designed with great care. Drive your website viewers to the pages you'd like them to go and with provide them with information with a limited amount of clicks.

Custom Coding

Applying custom code is part of every web design project. Using these skills, I am able to take your website to the next level.


I take great care while laying out a website. This is a skill that comes after many years of developing websites and studying the habits and psychology of website viewers.


If you use a logo I will incorporate it into the design. I maintain a consistent brand by utilizing your logo colors in your site's design. Don't use a logo? No problem. Using your company name in place of a graphic is becoming a popular technique (and used in this site).

Responsive Designs

Every website I develop has a Responsive design which allows it to automatically change its layout to best suit smaller screen devices. Options are available to turn on/off certain portions of your website to provide a perfect viewing experience for the mobile user.


I include Google Analytics with every web design. Learn how to track your advertising dollars and learn more about your website visitors.

Social Media

Integrating social media into your website is common practice. There are many different methods to incorporate social media and I will help you decide which will work best for you.